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A Message From the Branch Manager…

Thank you for visiting Debt Reduction Services in Spokane, Washington. Our certified financial counselors are eager to help you on your path to becoming debt free.

In addition to free financial counseling and consumer education classes, we have Accelerated Repayment Programs that work with your unsecured creditors to get your interest rates reduced, stop your late and over-limit fees, stop further collection activities, and put you on a path to becoming debt free. This will consolidate your unsecured debt into one monthly payment that you make to us, in turn, we disburse that payment to your creditors each month. You will continue to receive statements from your creditors each month, and you will have access to monitor your account online 24/7.

Our counselors are also certified to provide Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Classes and Post Bankruptcy Debtor Education classes, both of which are required by the courts for bankruptcy filing.

Please contact our office for your free consultation, we will review your situation and discuss all of your options.

We look forward to working with you,

Branch Manager

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