Help With Debt Collectors

Put an End to Relentless Collection Attempts

A fourth of consumers felt threatened when contacted by a creditor or debt collector and over 50% of consumers say they were contacted for debts they believe did not belong to them. These survey results and more gathered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau bring to light the questionable behavior of the collections industry.

reviewing-personal-budgetHave you recently received a notice from a collections agency asking you to pay your outstanding balance? Whether you feel you owe the amount or not, such a circumstance is alarming and cannot be ignored.

Any money owed whether it be from utility bills, or as large as a credit card or medical bill, if not paid, can be passed on to a collections agency. It is possible that forgotten bills can resurface in the form of a collections attempt. How you proceed once contacted can determine how easily a debt in collections is settled. Seeking assistance can help you avoid costly payment mistakes as well as navigate and document the settlement or resolution of the debt.

Learn to Address Any Debt in Collections

Debt Reduction Services can help you:

  • Consolidate your collection and other unsecured debt
  • Repay your debt quicker than by making only minimum payments
  • Advise you on how to dispute collections errors
  • Help stop aggressive collections efforts
  • Negotiate payment terms

Debt Reduction Services is a leading nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service that bridges consumers and their debt. We offer free debt counseling sessions that help point you in the right direction. We’ve counseled thousands of consumers and have assisted in the repayment of hundreds of millions of dollars of consumer debt. Our counselors are third-party certified and ready to assist you in becoming debt free.

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The collections industry chases profit, sometimes unlawfully. Let us protect you from abusive collections activities and counsel you on how to resolve your collections debt as painlessly as possible.