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Follow these tips to save on Christmas Spending in 2012.

Christmas Spending Tips for 2012

The season of Christmas is a time when so many have a reason to celebrate. This is often done by embracing a spirit of generosity and giving gifts to family and friends as a way to express love and appreciation. It provides a heartwarming experience for all.

However, Christmas spending often is done without first setting a budget. This can lead to credit card and other debt that impacts your finances for months after the season is over. Following these basic rules can help you survive the holidays free of debt.

Top 10 DOs and Don’ts:


1. Do give gifts that people need.
2. Do buy gift certificates instead of mailing gifts
3. Do draw names for a gift exchange.
4. Do buy gifts throughout the year when they are on sale.
5. Do comparison shop.
6. Do buy savings bonds.
7. Do make a gift or provide a service.
8. Do make a list and set spending limits for each person on the list.
9. Do pay for items with cash only.
10. Do wrap gifts in newspaper or comic strips.


1. Don’t buy expensive decorations.
2. Don’t wait to shop until the last minute.
3. Don’t make impulse purchases.
4. Don’t be fooled by misleading sales promotions.
5. Don’t pay to have gifts wrapped.
6. Don’t carry credit cards while shopping.
7. Don’t spend more than your budgeted amount.
8. Don’t forget your shopping list.
9. Don’t purchase several items for the same person.
10. Don’t buy items that are not on your list, particularly when shopping with children.

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