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This Bill Payment Tracker is free to download and easy to use.Avoid Late Fees with our Bill Payment Tracker

Summer always seems to end quicker than it began. With fall drawing near it’s easy to feel as though the whole year will be over before we even know it. The only thing that may keep any of us from going into a full blown panic will be using these last few school-free weeks to prepare for the roller coaster of months ahead. What better way to get a start on that than to create an overview of our money flow with the help of a Bill Payment Tracker.

There’s no better time than now since vacations have passed and erratic spending on summer activities and treats is happening less and less. If you’re in our boat, your money is tiring of the madness and begging you to hit the reset button.

Obviously, no actual button exists (though, I’d at least expect an app for that!) This doesn’t mean, however, that realigning your money with your priorities has to be hard. Using a Bill Payment Tracker such as the one featured in this article, will give you a good foundation for understanding where your money is or should be going, and when.

It may take 30 minutes to an hour to gather the necessary information, which includes bills and bank statements and use them to fill in the chart. That’s all it takes to be on top of your bills for the ENTIRE year. Though, you’ll want to check in briefly each month to ensure that who or what you owe has not changed.

Before you download the template and follow our guide for completing it, here are just a few benefits of using a Bill Payment Tracker:

Never Feel Lost in a Sea of Bills Again

Ever forget what day it is and consequently worry you’ve missed paying a bill? With a Bill Payment Tracker, those days can be over. Once completed, keep your printout in plain sight. As you pass by every few days you can take note of upcoming bills. This level of awareness and organization provides such relief and saves you the time it would take to locate every bill to reference its due date. Life simplified.

Never Spend Money You Only Thought You Had – Doh!

With a Bill Payment Tracker, you can pause at any time in the month and know exactly how much extra money you have to spend. Weighing your bank account balance against the bills that occur before your next paycheck, you can judge whether you can make a particular purchase or instead need to save that money for a future expense.

Strengthen Your Credit History and Avoid Late Fees

One of the 5 main components in determining your credit score is your payment history. Have you always paid on time or are you a repeat offender of missed payments? Diligently use your Bill Payment Tracker to build a history of on-time payments. Your credit score will improve and should you need a loan for a car or home, lenders will gladly work with you.

Additionally, as you get in the habit of making only on-time payments, you can kiss late fees goodbye (and good riddance)!

Utilizing your Bill Payment Tracker takes minimal effort and with so much to gain from doing so, you’ll be glad you gave it a chance.

Download Your Free Bill Payment Tracker

This Bill Payment Tracker is free to download and easy to start using.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to getting started:

Dig up ALL your bills – This includes fixed payments, those that vary month to month, those that are voluntary such as a payment to a savings account, and even those that you have set-up on auto-pay.

List Each and Every Payment – If you feel the need for a practice run, you can use a scratch piece of paper to begin listing your bills, ordering them by earliest to latest bill date (see example page).

Then, transfer this list to your Bill Payment Tracker. You’ll want to fill in the column under due date with only the day of the month that the bill typically takes place. Feel free to write a range (1st-3rd) if the day the bill processes has varied month to month. Starring bills on auto-pay may help you hone in on the ones that need more of your attention.

Mark As You Go – As soon as you’ve manually made a payment or received a confirmation from your auto-pay, mark the box next to your bill under the appropriate month. Continue to do so for each bill for the remainder of the month and through each month to the end of the year.

Kick Back and Enjoy Stability – There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve taken care of business.

With your Bill Payment Tracker in play, juggling your monthly expenses will be as (easy) breezy as a summer’s day all year round.

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