General Information

The following disclosures satisfy the requirements as outlined by the Executive Office of the United States Trustees that require Debt Reduction Services disclose pertinent information to you about our operation and how we receive our funding.

Counselor Training and Qualifications

Individuals employed and trained by Debt Reduction Services as Credit Counselors receive certification from an independent third party agency offering Credit Counseling certifications. Debt Reduction Services does not require certification as a condition of employment at the time of hire.


Debt Reduction Services offers online services only at this time.

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Single or Joint Filer (Online) $50.00

Post-Bankruptcy Debtor Education

Single or Joint Filer (Online) $50.00

Cost of Services

The fees outlined above indicate the only cost you will incur from Debt Reduction Services providing you with Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Post-Bankruptcy Debtor Education. Any employee soliciting additional fees for services rendered should be reported immediately to the Debt Reduction Services Director of Education at 1-866-688-3328.

How Fees Are To Be Paid

You are responsible for the payment of the fees incurred for services, except as outlined under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 44(c) (the United States Bankruptcy Code), which mandates that “if a fee is charged for counseling services (or instruction course) (counseling agency) must charge a reasonable fee, and provide services without regard to ability to pay the fee.”

Request For Refund

Requests for refund of fees must be received by Debt Reduction Services within 90 days of service. The written request should be mailed to: Debt Reduction Services, Attention: Client Refunds, 6213 N. Cloverdale Rd. Suite 100, Boise ID 83713.

Potential Affects On Your Credit Report

Debt Reduction Services does not offer any services or product that may directly affect your credit score. Our Certified Credit Counselors are trained to provide you with the information you require to best resolve your particular financial situation. Any of the options discussed with you could have either positive or negative effect on your credit report. Debt Reduction Services will provide you with the pros and cons of each option applicable to your situation, but makes no guarantees as to the affect your final decision will have on your credit report.

Sources Of Funding

Debt Reduction Services is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. We receive our funding through program service fees; donations from organizations and/or private corporations and grants and/or financial support from creditors.

Approval does not endorse or assure of the quality of a Provider’s services.