Discounted Online Bankruptcy Certificates

If you have exhausted all of your options and efforts in trying to pay off your debts, and nothing seems to be working, your final option may be bankruptcy. We are not bankruptcy attorneys, so we do not provide legal advice or help fill out the bankruptcy petition. However, the federal Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 did create the requirement that all filers of personal bankruptcy meet with an approved, nonprofit credit counseling agency for a budget briefing and credit counseling session (in person, by phone or online) BEFORE filing their petition with the federal court. Additionally, after the petition is filed but before the court discharged the filer of his or her responsibility to pay the included debts, that individual must complete a 2-hour personal financial management course.

Debt Reduction Services, Inc. provides both of these certificate services: pre-filing credit counseling and post-filing debtor education.

We do not push bankruptcy nor think it should be considered lightly. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our bankruptcy certificate clients really are in a place where bankruptcy makes the most financial sense.

If you believe you are at this point, we are happy to offer our services at a 50% discount as part of your employer’s financial wellness program.

Instead of $50 for an individual or couple to get their pre-filing credit counseling certificate(s) and an additional $50 for an individual or couple to get their post-filing debtor education certificate(s), we can offer them for $25 each.

To qualify for this discount, simply call our bankruptcy department at (855) 685-7843 and provide them with the discount code: HRHELP.

Financial stress is hard. Getting the credit counseling and debtor education certificates you need to file for bankruptcy should not be.

We look forward to helping you throughout this process. Call our certified counselors TODAY at (855) 685-7843 and provide the discount code, HRHELP.

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