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Save hundreds of dollars a month by using these expense cutting tips.

33 Money Savings Tips

By using some or all of these 33 money savings tips you will be able to add to your savings and watch your money grow. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your savings can add up.

Grocery Shopping

1.  Create and live by a menu.
2.  Schedule grocery shopping at the same time every week.
3.  Shop at grocery stores instead of convenience or specialty markets.
4.  Never shop when hungry, stressed or rushed.
5.  Compare price-per-ounce or per-use instead of total cost.
6.  If your time is limited, prepare multiple meals on days off rather than purchasing prepared foods (Families may even make it a “togetherness” project). Put portions in a plastic bag and freeze for “instant dinners.”
7.  Clip coupons, but DO NOT BUY just because you have a coupon.
8.  Shop at “Day Old Bread” stores. You may save up to 50%.


9.   Some factory outlets and most discount clothing stores will save you significant costs over the mall store middle-man…but not always!
10. Irregular or “imperfect” clothing at outlet stores often is neither “ugly” nor out of style, but more affordable.
11.  Army-Navy surplus stores have great buys and good quality, especially for camping or bad weather-ware.
12.  Cutting your child’s hair yourself could save you $50 to $120 per year.
13.  Shampoo your hair before going to the salon and condition it at home afterward.
14.  Don’t be timid about shopping around by phone to compare prices.


15.  Before leaving the doctor’s office, verify the name and dosage of the prescription.
16.  Shop by phone to compare.
17.  You don’t need to be a member of some membership stores to use their pharmacy.

You can save money on prescriptions by comparison shopping pharmacies and different brands of the same medicine.

Gift Giving

18.  Santa shouldn’t be the only one with a Christmas gift list. Stick to a list with a set amount for each individual.
19.  Make a list of every occasion throughout the year where a gift is needed and shop as the sales hit and as your budget allows.
20.  Consider homemade gifts such as desserts or plants. Services like volunteering to babysit for family or friends will also be appreciated.
21.  Develop affordable hobbies which you like to do and develop gifts from it.
22.  Plan ahead and send gifts using the most inexpensive method.
23.  Split the cost of expensive gifts with a family member or friend.


24.  You may save more than $100 a year by selecting a checking account without monthly service charges.
25.  Have your paychecks directly deposited by your employer into your account.
26.  If you get a Debit Card, ask about surcharges, limitations, and fees.
27.  Beware of using your ATM card at another bank or at public ATMs. There is likely a charge from the bank that operates the ATM and perhaps even one from your own financial institution.


28.  Wash your own car.
29.  Prepare homemade meals instead of springing pizza for little leaguers after their games. Split the costs with other parents.
30.  Shampoo your own carpet.
31.  Remember that “the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.” – Unknown. Gambling is just that: you’re gambling with your money, and the casino wins the majority of the time and money.
32.  How many cable premium stations, movies, and “pay events” do you have? How many do you need?
33.  Bring a bag lunch to work or school instead of dining out.

Start slow and incorporate just one of these tips at a time until you’ve mastered it and then add in another. In a few short months, you could be saving enough to build an emergency fund, put money away for retirement or make extra payments on to eliminate debt faster.

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  1. Trevor

    Great tip list – having a fixed amount for presents (especially when shopping with a generous partner) is a must, otherwise you end up spending loads!

  2. Money Saving Tips

    I think creating a menu list is necessary for grocery shopping. I belong to a middle class family, so this menu list is very useful for me.

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