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There is Always Hope, even for Financial ZombiesEven after last year’s series of of zombie-based posts, I still feel like an ambulance chasing attorney in posting more financial issues based in zombie pop culture. No one likes the idea of becoming a zombie, so why do so many among us keep ourselves within the ranks of the financially undead? Our credit is rotten, our finances stink in general, and savings funds are decomposing before our eyes. Yes, we continue to move from one spending opportunity to another, ever seeking to satisfy that which cannot be satisfied: the emptiness of consuming for consuming’s sake.

If you recognize yourself in any of the following statements, the chances are pretty good that you are (or have been) counted among the financially undead:

  1. You get excited for payday.
  2. You can’t guess within $1,000 how much non-mortgage debt you have (car, credit card, store card, etc.)
  3. You use a student loan to pay credit card debt, go on a road trip, or buy a vehicle.
  4. You use a home equity line of credit to pay credit card debt, go on vacation, buy gifts, or purchase a ski boat.
  5. You don’t think about how much your vacation will cost until you’re actually ON vacation.
  6. You get a chance to buy tickets to a big game or concert, and you immediately know that you’re going to put the purchase on a credit card.
  7. You have no idea what your credit card APR is.
  8. You’re nervous at the checkout stand because you don’t know if your debit card purchase will be approved or denied.
  9. You haven’t balanced your bank account in more than a month.
  10. You’ve never balanced your savings account.
  11. You aren’t even aware that you can “balance” your credit card statement.
  12. You think check cashing services and money orders are cheaper and/or better options than a checking account.
  13. You think yard/garage sales are great times to boost your income.
  14. You do your grocery shopping on your way home when you’re hungriest.
  15. You regularly buy lottery tickets.
  16. You give your credit card number or social security number to telemarketers.
  17. You figure that if you can’t meet your car payment you’ll just drop the car back off at the dealership or bank and be done with the debt.

Feeling a bit undead? Don’t lose hope. Check out our archive of materials and ourwebinars. They’re sure to kick start your financial heart!

Over the next month, I’ll be addressing some of these Financial Zombie symptoms and how to find some financial healing and comfort.

In the meantime, please share this post on your Facebook or Twitter account. I’m sure you can easily think of three or four financial zombies in your own circles of family and friends that could benefit from this information.

Oh, and have a spooky season!


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