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Reduce Monthly Payments by up to 50%

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Since 1996 Debt Reduction Services has been helping people regain control of their finances.  Our mission is to help each individual we counsel make strides towards financial independence and freedom from debt.

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If you owe $20,000, you could pay...

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Debt Reduction Services is a non profit debt management and credit counseling organization that has helped thousands of consumers learn to live debt free. Our goal at Debt Reduction Services is to significantly improve the financial well-being of our clients.

Debt Reduction Services Can Help You...

  • Negotiate with creditors to reduce or eliminate interest charges and stop late and overlimit fees
  • Consolidate credit bills into one easy monthly payment
  • Pay off your debt faster
  • Lower your interest rates regardless of credit score
  • Stop collection calls
  • Build a realistic budget and financial plan you can follow

Wallet Drainers


“No big deal. It’s just a buck!” “$5 is not going to break bank!” However expressed, there is a sentiment, common to many an American consumer, that spending a few dollars here or there – without thought to how it fits into their spending plan – cannot possible contribute to any financial troubles. For the 40% of American adults who have put together a spending plan (aka, budget) and who look at it regularly, and for the 40% of American ...

Ghosts of Student Loans Past


Understanding Your Repayment Options Long, long ago, on a campus far, far away, you may have used student loans to pay not only for tuition and books, but also to fund your spring break travel, to buy a bicycle (or a car), to purchase consumer items, and more. The ghouls, ghosts and goblins of Halloween may be fading quickly into autumn’s twilight, but the ghosts of student loans past seem always to be with us. For several years, experts and ...

When it Comes to Debt, Act Early!


When it Comes to Debt, Act Early Here is a cautionary tale as told by Todd Christensen, Director of Education at Debt Reduction Services and author of the popular Everyday Money for Everyday People book. This story is an excerpt from a chapter that is dedicated to discussing third party debt relief and is definitely worth taking note of. I happened to be walking by the front desk at work one day last year when a senior couple walked in, all ...