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Reduce Monthly Payments by up to 50%

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Since 1996 Debt Reduction Services has been helping people regain control of their finances.  Our mission is to help each individual we counsel make strides towards financial independence and freedom from debt.

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Debt Reduction Services is a non profit debt management and credit counseling organization that has helped thousands of consumers learn to live debt free. Our goal at Debt Reduction Services is to significantly improve the financial well-being of our clients.

Debt Reduction Services Can Help You...

  • Negotiate with creditors to reduce or eliminate interest charges and stop late and overlimit fees
  • Consolidate credit bills into one easy monthly payment
  • Pay off your debt faster
  • Lower your interest rates regardless of credit score
  • Stop collection calls
  • Build a realistic budget and financial plan you can follow

The Latest News

Student Debt Stories – Get Help Now


Student Debt Stories Highlight Personal Financial Struggle The numbers are staggering and while the personal impact of high student loan debt varies from one individual to another. The simple fact remains that on average students are leaving school in more debt than ever. While new federal programs aim to help borrowers find relief in various forms such as forgiveness, consolidation or income based repayment terms, the concern about … Read More

Free Student Loan Counseling


We’ve nearly completed our first full month of Student Loan Counseling and we feel it has started quite successfully! It has been a pleasure helping several individuals navigate their way through the various repayment plans in regards to their Federal Student Loans. Each person we’ve counseled brings their own unique situation and story but everyone has the same goal of finding some form of student loan debt relief. There … Read More

Student Loan Debt Counseling Now Available


Debt Reduction Services is pleased to announce that effective September 1st we will begin offering a new product aimed at helping individuals that find themselves overwhelmed by student loan debt. Our new program will begin with a free consultation with a certified Credit Counselor. These student loan counseling sessions are designed to help identify any programs you may be eligible for that will assist you in repaying your student loans … Read More