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Debt Reduction Services is a non profit "full service" debt management and credit counseling organization that has helped thousands of consumers learn to live debt free. Our goal at Debt Reduction Services is to significantly improve the financial well-being of our clients.

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In some instances Bankruptcy is unavoidable and in the consumers best interest. We are proud to offer Pre and Post Bankruptcy Filing Certificates.

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Debt Reduction Services

Debt Reduction Services is a non profit credit and debt counseling organization that has helped thousands of consumers overcome their unique financial challenges.

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For Teens and Young Adults: Should I Start Building my Credit?

I saw this question from a reporter this morning and don’t want to wait until their publication comes out before I address it myself.  For teens and young adults, when should they start building their credit? What the parents are actually asking is this: should my child open a major credit ...

What is the Right Money App for You?

In preparation for reviewing and rating (essentially choosing) the best personal finance apps as part of a series of blogs, I’ve finally chosen the criteria that is most relevant to me. My ratings are not based upon any peer-reviewed analytic model but rather on a kind of the Jaws 4: The ...

Information Regarding Kentucky Homeowners & National Mortgage Settlement

Relief for Kentucky Homeowners Tops $61M Under National Mortgage Settlement Allison Gardner Martin Communications Director 502-696-5651 (office) Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway today announced that the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers continue to provide direct relief to homeowners in Kentucky and across the country as part of the historic national mortgage foreclosure settlement. According ...

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Thank you again for your help and your kindness. I was embarrassed to start this process but not once did I feel judged or looked down upon. Thank you!
Anacortes, WA